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Body Stress Release:

Do you feel stressed?  Lack energy and vitality? Suffer from pain or discomfort?
Freedom from body stress promotes a better quality of life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Body Stress Release is an effective pain and stress healthcare technique for optimal physical and mental performance.
Particularly helpful for lower back painsciaticaneck/shoulder tension and headaches.

There is no manipulation, machinery, medication, massage, undressing or side effects, the emphasis is on gently releasing stored tension to encourage the body to perform at optimal functioning.



A scientific, innovative brain-based approach to personality profiling that shows you how to identify your natural strengths and talent.

Who you are today is a result of certain characteristics that have emerged from your life experiences, plus the genetics with which you were born. This interplay between nature and nurture is the foundation of EMERGENETICS, a scientific, innovative brain-based approach to personality profiling that gives you the keys you need to discover not only your own natural strengths and talents, but also those of others. You will discover your thinking style and your behavioural set points. These insights help you recognize how you approach new situations, how you get things done, how others see you, how to enhance relationships, and how to communicate with people who are not like you.

Applying EMERGENETICS to the workplace will enable you to make optimal career decisions, boost your creativity and performance, increase profits, make better decisions, assemble ‘brain trust’ teams, write effective performance reviews,  make presentations that appeal to everyone, sell to all kinds of customers and motivate all kinds of employees.

EMERGENETICS offers invaluable insights, and paves the way to personal growth, satisfaction and success.